All About Hair and Sex

sexy hairIs it true that a short hair style for women indicate that they don’t want sex? That is a statement honestly being asked by someone to a known therapist. The doctor’s wise answer is this: “Cutting one’s hair does not necessarily point to an avoidance of sex, although deliberately reducing one’s attractiveness in a spouse’s eyes may well signal some desire to push them away.”

Among six people interviewed in a certain fashion program, five out of six people confirmed that long hair is still feminine and sexy. Others admitted however that short hair displays liberating traits of a woman getting her own style to please men. But admitting the norms, short hair radiates some signal that a woman is a lesbian.

Hair acts as important indicator of social significance to human beings. It denotes power to some and it displays status to others. Long hair has sexual activity suggestions while short hair has been mark of revolution. Hairstylists however do not accept these implications. Many hair experts debunked this ridiculous theory. Even commentators and simple consumers of hair products like ultra effective shampoo for hair growth could not buy the idea that once a woman cuts her hair she is completely shunning her sexuality. It could be that men will shun a woman who cuts hair maybe because that act is a turn-off to him. Cutting your long hair does not apparently mean that you’re declaring a statement. It also does not mean that you are destroying your chances for romance to buzz off.

The truth is the irony of the myth. Women cutting their hair are showing a sign of courage power and control. They are not afraid to show that they are celebrating their sexuality and self-image. To shun a short cut is not justifiable. Women who go for short hairs are just decisive to follow her heart and do what she thinks is beautiful. Or the reason is so simple: she just wanted an easy haircut for her to have an easy manageable hair. It the same with this truth: women who regularly use shampoo for hair growth do not mean quickly that they have hair or health problem. Another thing, a woman who is confident enough to cut her hair is sexually confident. She can still be act as tiger in the bedroom without any worry that hair be entangled all over the area. Furthermore, not all women desire to be viewed as sex object.

So, the next time you saw a post picture in any online account of your woman friend who cut her hair, do not easily give judgment that she is sending any signal of sex abstinence of any kind.


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Convincing Adults to Buy a Trampoline

Trampolines 3

To most adult people, jumping in a trampoline is childish and pointless. There’s a stigma of growing up that one has to do away with activities that either yield no permanent results or are simply being tied to their childhood. Older people sometimes just can’t perceive the value of an activity from a purely enjoyment perspective. Although sometimes, their arguments can seem to convince us that bouncing around the trampoline is not only pointless but also dangerous. When convincing an adult to buy one and the response is less than ideal, better take an appeal to their adult perspective. When asked, why should you buy? The better answer would be giving them a logical list of benefits other than “fun”.


Safety is one of the main concerns of adult people. And with all of those YouTube videos with trampoline mishaps, it doesn’t really help in convincing them that it’s a relatively safe activity. To convince them otherwise, there has to be a strong and convincing list that indicates the relative safety of trampoline when certain conditions are satisfied.


One safety measure is having the right amount of space around the trampoline. The minimum space is 5 feet, which is pretty sufficient especially for a small trampoline. The space should be clear of poles, garden implements and other things in the yard that might be dangerous when a body falls on it. The next thing to consider is the shape of the trampoline. The most structurally sound shape is a circular one. This is because the force of the jump is distributed among the springs evenly, ensuring that there will be no singular spring taking the brunt of the force. Square trampolines in comparison, will have their springs on the sides take most of the abuse, while those near the corner take significantly less.


The number of springs is also one thing to consider when listing down the safety features of trampolines. The more spring per unit of circumference that the trampoline has, the better it is at absorbing the force of the jumps. Thereby reducing chances of springs snapping off or mats tearing away near where they are connected to the springs. Not to mention that more springs also mean stronger bounces, in other words, more fun.


Ironically when a trampoline is finally purchased, it is very likely that adults will demand their own trampoline time and realize that the activity being fun could have been enough reason for getting it.

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Fixing What Water Damage in Your Home

water damage

On Net Quote is an article by Gina Roberts-Grey that discussed four major water woes of homes that affect home insurance claims. Included in the articles were suggestions on how the water problems could be fixed.


Fixes and Solutions According To Severity Of Damage 

These suggestions are basically DIY, which could apply in mild damage cases like dysfunctional washing machine. If the water damages are beyond your capability to fix, it is best to hire professional restoration services. Suppose you need to get water damage restoration Mission Viejo, you have to choose one that is well known for using technologically advanced equipment in thoroughly drying moisture in water damaged home. A professional to hire in fixing water damage in Irvine is one that could clear the air of dangerous spores, mold and mildew. If you want your home to be free from water damages and other possible health and structural threats arising from these water problems, then it would be better to entrust them to people who can do the job effectively.


Steps Involved In Fixing Water Damages 


Initial Inspection

Inspection is necessary in determining source of water and cause of problem. The affected area needs to be surveyed and the course of actions will be determined for the restoration.


Water Extraction

Any excess water and moisture should be extracted, be it pooling or standing water or a moist area only. If you decide to do this on your own, it is likely you will use only traditional methods like mopping or wiping with a rag. A professional service will use advanced water extraction process. 


Proper Care of Affected Area

Done on your own, you might immediately apply whatever step you think you should do next after you have extracted the excess water. A professional hired to restore whatever water has damaged in your home will first clean and disinfect the area and then apply treatments that will inhibit the growth and formation of mold. This are will be thoroughly dried. 


Drying Process

If you are a DIY restorer, what you are likely to use to dry a surface is a hair dryer. A professional, on the other hand, will use air movers, dehumidifiers, air movers or other technological drying tools.


Final Restoration

If you choose DIY restoration, your final step could be applying paint or varnish or wall paper or carpet. Restoration done with a professional, these could be the same things that would be done, but you could also get suggestions and recommendations on how to expedite your insurance claim process.

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Fiberglass Pergolas: Why Should You Even Want Them?

pergola 2

A pergola can be made of different materials like wood and fiberglass. Both materials offer their own advantages and disadvantages if used with related assemblies like wood patio cover kits and fiberglass beams, just as written on Revolutionary Gardens. This post, however, will inform you about what benefits fiberglass pergolas.


Why Should You Even Want Fiberglass Pergolas?


Whether You Want To Buy It Or Make It

There are contractors you could hire to get a custom one made. Yet, if you wish to put your DIY skills into use, you could make your own fiberglass pergola by buying your own materials or kits. Speaking of kits, you may still customize your pergola by ordering specific dimensions from vendors.

Purchasing kits offer a much easier way of making pergolas made from fiberglass. Parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled so your task is to simply follow instructions in assembling the pergolas although you might need the help of another person to hold some parts.


Beautifies Your Outdoor Space Like other similar outdoor structures, a fiberglass pergola could undoubtedly add beauty to a space especially if it is a large upscale home with classic or contemporary landscape.


In Your Chosen Color Fiberglass models of pergolas can also be painted. When offering pergola kits, you would even be given a selection of paint colors. Normally, having pergolas painted would cost an additional expense, but the results are simply worth it.


Strong And Durable

Fiberglass materials may be of different types. The thermoset fiberglass composite, although lightweight, is still a lot stronger than steel. It even needs no internal support. Compared to wood, it is not prone to sagging and it is also completely waterproof. With its lightweight-ness and durability, fiberglass beams could span up to 22 feet without requiring support column. Fiberglass will never rot and will never bend. No insects can also bite or chew fiberglass. It can be exposed to the elements without showing signs of wear except probably for fading paint. Your pergola will last for ages.


Heat Tolerant

Fiberglass can also withstand heat from the firepit, kitchen or outdoor fireplace.

Modernly Distinctive Fiberglass also offers a more contemporary and elegant look that will suitably go well with the modern design of your house. It is the perfect option when wood simply does not fit.

Low Maintenance

Pergolas made of fiberglass practically needs no maintenance, no staining or waterproofing. Fiberglass is not like wood that could fade, warp or crack.

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Looking for the Best Long Weekend Vacation Spot?

day trip tour

Are you looking for a perfect place to spend your long vacation? If you are, then you no longer need to look further as you can have the best short vacation ever in New Orleans! The New Orleans has those beautiful spots to visit and the most historical places that you can visit. The best part of it is it costs less to travel to New Orleans compared to other tourists’ spots! You can even have good package deals for tours of New Orleans when you visit the New Orleans Native Tours website today! They have the best tours that you can take advantage of with reasonable prices great prices! So why do a lot of people visit the New Orleans anyway?


A lot of people tour New Orleans basically because it is rich in history. One of the highlights of their offers is the day tour where tours of New Orleans by bus are done throughout the Crescent City. The Crescent City and Cemetery Tour provides the best way to have a day trip so you will see the historical places in New Orleans. You will have a chance to see the neighborhoods that have historical architectural design. You will also have a chance to see their historic cemeteries which are known as the City of the Dead. This city has been known for its rich designs in the Cemetery and you can come and appreciate the art of its architectural design! During your day tour, you can also have a chance to walk around the city and check out its wonderful gardens. This is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing place with fresh air. You will also be given a chance to visit the Congo Square which is popular for being the birthplace of Jazz music.


Lastly, you can take a tour on their different monumental churches and admire the beauty of their structures! This is the best way to spend the short vacation as you don’t get to spend too much money, and the best of all, you don’t need to go to another country! This is definitely the best way to de-stress yourself during your long weekend! The New Orleans Native Tours has those activity-filled packages that you can take advantage of! Visit their website today so you can check out their tour showcases and to make a reservation! You will surely have a blast on your long weekend when you decide to spend it in New Orleans!

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Highly Rated Car Freshener for Physically Active Families

natural air freshener

As a mom, I always have to deal with the needs of my family. We live a very active lifestyle. Everyone in our family is involved in some sport or physical activity. I go for a swim at lunch every day. My eldest son is into football and taekwondo. My husband plays tennis and racquetball. My daughter on the other hand is taking ballet lessons and taekwondo. You can just imagine how a regular weekday starts for us. We load all our gears into the car together with the school bags, lunch bags and everything else. We all smell fresh at the start of the day but when night time comes, there goes the stinking smell of sweat from football clothes, my husband’s workout clothes, my wet swimsuit and our little ballerina’s ballet outfit. And if it is a grocery day, you can factor in the smell of food stuff and everything else that made it to our grocery list for the week.


Luckily, we have invested on a highly rated car freshener in Purggo. I never had to worry about the lingering smell of soiled clothes and stinky smelling socks after an afternoon of physical activity. Before, I feel stressed whenever I open our car and a waif of damp air greets me even after I have taken out all our soiled clothes out of the car. I have tried all sorts of air freshener for cars before. I have used this gel-type of freshener which dries up through continuous usage. I had issues with it because it smells okay when you open it but in time, it becomes irritating to the nose. It tries to mask bad odor with different scents. But in the process, it only worsens it. I have also tried liquid fresheners. While it stays longer than gel-type fresheners, it does the same thing. It does not purify the air. Instead, it just covers up the smells. With Purggo, the car smells fresher and cleaner.


There is no more damp smell inside the car. There is also no foul odor clinging to the car seats. While before I hesitate to invite people to ride with us because I am worried that they will think our car smells bad, now I very much welcome the idea of carpooling. Because I can be sure that my investment on Purggo will provide my passengers a great riding experience. I strongly recommend it to those with family cars.

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Secondary Glazing Services from Chelsea Secondary Glazing

secondary glazing 4

Are you interested in having your windows with secondary glazing? You can find the best service when it comes to secondary glazing in London. Chelsea Secondary Glazing is a company that caters to secondary glazing services and manufactures its own materials used. It can handle large windows secondary glazing job orders and many window designs. It has provided several satisfied customers the benefits of secondary glazing since the business started. Here are reasons why you should hire Chelsea Secondary Glazing Services: 1. It is one of the leading manufacturers of secondary glazing materials.

Chelsea Secondary Glazing produces its own quality assured secondary glazing materials. It also supplies other secondary glazing companies just to add how much its quality products are recognized.

  1. It provides innovative solutions. The products manufactured are well designed and researched. Chelsea Secondary Glazing is notably competitive when it comes to producing quality secondary glazing products on the market. Its secondary glazed windows can reduce noise to a minimum of 70% noise reduction.
  2. It has the expert manpower to handle the every secondary glazing job.

Chelsea Secondary Glazing employs well trained glaziers that can provide quality secondary glazing. You can have a peace of mind knowing someone competent is handling the job. It also features fast secondary glazing installation practices.

  1. You can have custom window designs.

The designs it markets are tailored to suit any existing original window design. You can choose from a variety window designs made to fit with your existing window. Its designs provide creative solutions during installation. The fixtures are well hidden through expert touch. Its window designs also allow owners to have an easier time cleaning the secondary glazed window.

  1. Its products are made to last long.

Not only are its windows easier to maintain but it is also made durable. The materials used can last up to years. You no longer have to worry about any premature replacement and experience the benefits of secondary glazing for years.

  1. It provides a customer oriented approach business. You are guaranteed only the best products are used during any secondary glazing installation. It offers reasonable prices for every service rendered. It puts priority to providing customer satisfaction for every customer. You can avail the benefits of having a secondary glazed window system from Chelsea Secondary Glazing. You can check out more about its quality secondary glazing services offered from this website

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